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When playing poker it is important to avoid the tilt. So what is tilt? Well, in poker terms, the word tilt means that you become aggravated and you abandon how you are playing the game. It may mean that you begin to play more aggressively or simply start folding on hands that you would otherwise have considered good.

Basically you lose that ounce of ability you had to play poker good. Does this happen often? You can bet, many people refer to it as a tempter tantrum and have seen it happy in not only live games, but online games as well.

So how can you tell when someone is tilting? While you are playing does the person immediately dump everything they own into the pot? If so, this is good sign that they are trying to make up for losses or catch up. Many of these people will blow everything in one hand just because they are letting their emotions get the best of them, and true the nature of the temper tantrum they are acting against the stroke of luck that they are having.

Sooner or later, everyone who plays poker will experience a tilt. It may not be as extravagant as blowing your entire lives savings on a hand that a ten year old would no better than to bet on, but more than likely you will find yourself letting your emotions get the best of you.

So the question that all poker players are asking, how can you avoid falling into the tilt that people dread? First off you need to understand your limits and you must have discipline. Poker is a game that is based around luck and people need patience when playing. Some nights you may score big, other nights you may bust. You need to understand the odds of winning all the time are slim to none.

Therefore, when you start to lose and you are tempted to start throwing money at the pot like you can buy your way into a win, it is time to simply cash out and walk away in stead of going into the tilt room. Your nerves are fried, and if you stay you are going to experience the tilt. If you find yourself throwing a temper tantrum the best thing you can do is walk away and calm down. Remember, when it comes to poker, you win some and you lose some. You definitely do not want to lose bigger because you did fall into a tilt. So just count what you have and walk away before you lose it too.