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Historically poker is a card sport that is based on betting rules and closely resembles the Persian game of Asnas , although there is no specific evidence as such that can corroborate such views. For the purists poker dates back ten centuries and is a game that is a combination of various other card games using the rules of card rankings and it uses the decoy or plot to be one up on your game opponent by trying to play the bluff.

In a sense it is a deep thinking game where one has to think not one, maybe more steps ahead of one’s opponents by anticipating their moves and playing the unexpected. One set of poker historians believe that the poker game was in vest ion of the Chinese way back in the late half of the ninth century under the tutelage of Chinese emperor Mustang. The emperor used to play domino cards on New Years Eve with his beloved wife.

Later, sometime in the 12and 13th century used same form of the game poker in playing card-the rudimentary versions of perhaps poker.

The Persians in the 16th century further improved on the game by introducing 96 elaborate cards and which utilized 25 cards, introducing card rankings but most importantly had rounds of betting. The Spaniards took it on from here and evolved the 3 card deal to each player and the motto of the game was bluff your opponent and by betting high stakes even while holding poor or average ranked cards in the hand. The primary element was bluffing the opponent and not holding a strong hand of cards. The Spanish would call this card name Primero. This game was played in the year1526 and it is often referred as poker mother as it is the first verified version of the contemporary day poker game.

During the 17th and 18th century poker which was an eminent French card game and Pochen a famous German game gained popularity. The French and the Germans took up the cause and furthered the game. The French in particular along with Canadian migrants spread the cult of poker further. Jonathan Green introduced the 5 card game which replaced the 3 card game taking it to popular heights and the popularity it enjoys as the thinking and opponent bluffing gamblers game.