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There are all kinds of advantages to playing slots online. Convenience would have to be one of the bigger one. The fact you can play from the comfort of your own home, whenever, and for whatever length of time you want, sure add to the appeal of bonus casinos online. Playing at home also has a big appeal for smokers, since you usually can‘t smoke at land-based casinos.

Nearly all online casinos offer slots, so it usually just a matter of finding which one you think you’ll enjoy the most. For some it’s the best online casino bonus that appeals to them, but for others a wide selection of other games appeals to them, since they will sometimes want to take a break from slots to play casino games. Online slots work in basically the same way as land-based slots, so probability is still the basis for the game.

Unfortunately, this means there is still no real strategy to get a sure win. It’s all up to luck. The real difference between the two types of slots is that online slots usually have higher payout percentages. Another point for the online casinos.

Online slots tend to look almost the same at any given casino. Reels, a handle, a display area and the coin slot are features all slot machines have in common. The games can still vary quite a bit though. The same bet at two different games can get to two very different payouts, so it’s a good idea to check these out beforehand.

This is also the only guide that has a section dedicated to which casinos are best for which games, not just which one has the best variety of the different types of casino games, but also which casinos bonuses are best for playing the different games. Sometimes you’ll come a across a bonus that looks great but if it’s only for playing pokies and you want to play blackjack, then it’s not so great after all.

This is also a factor with free signup bonuses. Some of them will be small but won’t have a lot of complicated rules, then you’ll also have some big ones that make it basically impossible to ever withdraw your winnings. This is where we come in, we break them down not just by size but also by their restrictions, that way you can find your own balance and be sure you have the exact right bonus for you.

Deposit bonuses are obviously important as well, so we have a breakdown of those too. Most of these are introductory offers, since promotions for ongoing players are always changing, but looking at a casino’s introductory offers is usually a good way to tell what kind of bonuses they’ll have for ongoing players.