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The language of poker contains lots of terms that sometimes do not mean the same in regular English. This list of poker terms are for the most part used all over the United States, although, there may be regional variations.

All In – Betting all of your chips on the outcome of one hand.

Bad Beat – losing a great hand to a player who beats you on the river having stayed against all odds and common sense.

Big Blind – The bigger mandatory bet.

Blind – A mandatory bet.

Bluff – Betting with a hand that will not win the pot if called. Your only hope is to convince the other players that your hand is unbeatable and they should drop.

Board – The face up community cards.

Burn – The dealer burns a card by taking it out of play.

Button – The rotating disk that denotes the dealer of any particular hand.

Case Card – The last card of a particular rank or suit. If three aces are gone and you need an ace to make a straight you must catch the case ace.

Check – Not betting the hand but staying in the game.

Check Raise – First checking your hand and then raising when it comes back to you.

Come – Betting on a hand before you actually have it. For instance betting a four card straight with the hopes that the fifth card will come in the turn or the river.

Flop – The first three community cards.

Flop A Set – If you have a pair of tens in the pocket and the flop contains another ten you have, “Flopped a set.”

Hole Cards – Player’s face down cards.

Late Position – The Button and two seats to the right.

Limit – betting Structure with high and low bets specified. $3 – $6.

Limp In – Enter the pot by calling the blind.

Loose – A player who is loose with his money and bets. He likes to gamble.

Muck – Throw you cards into the discard pile is called, “Muck your hand”

No Limit – Bet or raise any amount that you have on the table.

Nuts – The best possible hand.

Overcard – A queen has two overcards. A King and an Ace.

Pocket – The two down cards in your hand.

Position – Where you sit in relation to the button. It changes with every new hand.

Pot Odds – The relation to the size of the bet to how much is in the pot.

River – The last or fifth community card.

Rake – Money taken by the house to defray the expense of running and the game plus a profit.

Set – A pair in the pocket and a matching card in the flop.

Slow Play – To play your hand pretending that it is much weaker than it is to build the pot.

Small Blind – The blind immediately. Almost always half the amount of the Big Blind.

Tell – A personal quirk that gives away your hand.

Tight – A player who only plays premium hands.

Tilt – A loss of concentration due to a loosing cycle or a series of bad beats.

Turn – The fourth community card.